A healthier, happier you

     Summer may be on its way out, but it's never too late to get started on your beach bod.  Maybe you're even getting a head start on your figure for your winter vacation.  Although all of our fitness goals vary, one common factor that we should all strive for is to be healthy.  Sometimes the best way to go about this is baby steps.  When making small changes it'll take some time to take effect, but in the meantime there are other tricks that can help you fake your slim down.

Watch your intake.

     Your beverages should not be hindering your diet.  I'd much rather eat my calories, carbs and sugars than drink them.  Replace sugary drinks and limit yourself to water, green tea and unsweetened black coffee and tea.  Green tea is beneficial in many ways because it's rich in antioxidants.  It can lower cholesterol, increase your metabolism and decrease signs of aging.  Nuts are also a great food to add to your diet.  For snacking purposes grab a handful of nuts or put some peanut butter on an apple.  They are full of protein and fiber so it'll leave you feeling full longer and prevent you from eating unhealthier alternatives.

Move your body!

     Try to stay active even if it just means going for a walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Maybe even add a set of 25 squats during your lunchbreak at work, whatever you can do to get your heart pumping.  If you have a gym membership but find it difficult to get motivated to actually go, consider buying some new active wear.  Some sassy gym wear might be just the push you need!  Check out Kate Hudson's athletic line here for some trendy clothing sets at an affordable price.  Once you get moving it's easier to keep your body in motion!

Dress the part.

     To have your body looking its best while you shape up, find clothes that flatter your figure.  The first step is determining what body type you have.  From there you can figure out what pieces highlight your assets and downplay any not so flattering areas.  Dressing for your body will have you looking great and feeling confident in no time.  For some tips from the professionals for every body type take a peep at this slideshow.

Camouflage your cellulite.

    A tan not only makes you feel better, but can actually make you look better.  Since we are nearing the end of the summer chances are you've got a little bit of natural sun already.  A sunless tanner can enhance any complexion and give you a nice, dark glow.  Try Glymed Plus Tan In for a natural look.  Darker skin not only hides some of your imperfections such as cellulite but it also shows off your muscle definition.

Avert their eyes.

     If you aren't feeling confident enough to play up your body just yet try pulling the focus to your face.  Use your hair to flatter your face and bring the eyes in.  You can pull your hair up into a top knot or whisk it to the side in a braid to leave the attention on your face.  If you love your eyes play them up with a smoky eye or some cat eye liner.  In any situation a bold lip is sure to bring the attention to your face.  Try classic red lipstick for a night out or maybe a fuschia when you're feeling funky.

Use the buddy system!

     Find a friend with common goals as yourself.  You're more likely to hold yourself to your workouts if there is someone else who is depending on you for gym time, as well.  Meal preparation becomes a lot more fun and less work when there's someone cooking with you.  A healthy buddy gives you a support system as well as someone to keep you in line when you need it.