Star Spangled Style

     Whether you're hosting a Fourth of July cookout or just attending one, here are a few tips to display your patriotism and keep your look sparking from the day well into the night.  The Fourth of July is a holiday where you can do as little or as much as you'd like as far as makeup, accessories and clothing go.  Chances are you're enjoying Independence Day with your friends and family by having a cookout or pool party, going to a parade and watching a fireworks show.  Everything is about fun and relaxing so get your sparklers ready!

Get your freedom face on.

     There are plenty of ideas online for bold, festive makeup looks.  You can find something appropriate for almost any kind of celebration you attend that day whether it includes glitter and stars or something a little more simplified.  Click on this link for some inspiration  For a more discrete look, apply nude toned shadows to your lids and sweep some blue liquid eye liner along your upper lash line.

American accessories.

     Wearing clothing with the American flag on it is a must.  If you don't have anything adorned with the star spangled banner at least opt for red, white and blue.  For just a festive pop, couple a pair of red shoes with an otherwise blue and white outfit.  All American is the way to go so don't be afraid to throw on a flag bandana and some distressed jean shorts.  For some great tips when putting together your Independence Day outfit check out this article.

Patriotic pedi.

     Showing your patriotism goes literally from head to toe.  If you want to add stars and stripes to your nails, the feet are a good place for a busier design.  Keep your fingernails simple with just a pop of glitter or a design on one or two of your fingers.  As long as you stick to the color theme, your nails will be on point.  Search "Fourth of July nails" on Pinterest for some ideas.

Festivity essentials.

     While many of these Fourth of July demands are just for show, there are a few must haves to get you through the day and night.  Daytime essentials include sunglasses and sunblock.  Nobody wants a headache from squinting all afternoon just in time for the bangs and booms of firecrackers.  Sunscreen is always important during the day in the summer, especially on a day like the Fourth where most people are spending the majority of it outside.  To help transition your day celebration into the night you need a hoodie and bug spray.  Temperatures will be dropping and chances are you'll be finding a spot in the grass to sit and watch fireworks illuminate the night sky.  A hoodie or sweater of some sort and bug spray will both help keep you comfortable.

God Bless America!