Out with the old, In with the new

     It's the start of a New Year, and as they say, "All things must come to an end."  Some trends just weren't meant to see the light of 2016.  Although we still like some of these trends and find them flattering, change is always good.  We're here to help you decide what to retire, what to upgrade and what to keep.

Contour No More

     2015 was the year of contouring.  Many makeup brands debuted their own matte contour kits.  However, along with a fresh year comes a fresh face and lighter foundations with some shimmer are encouraged.  This year makeup isn't about shaping your face,  it is about getting a natural, dewy look.  Still looking to make a statement?  No worries,  bold lips are sticking around for the new year and have maintained their popularity so get rid of those contour sticks and stock up on the lipsticks.

Peace Out, Pastels!

     Last year it was the norm to see a variety of hair colors ranging from gray to copper to bubble gum pink.  This year the natural shades are back and better than ever.  In 2015 "bronde," a combination of blonde and brown, made its debut and became a hit.  This year we are getting introduced to "ronze," a mixture of bronze brown and copper.  Try searching "ronze hair," "baby lights," or "balayage" in Pinterest for some hair inspiration.


     One trend that surprised many of us in 2015 with a comeback was overalls.  Short overalls, unbuckled overalls...whatever went!  Overalls should have been left in the 90s, the least that we can do at this point is bury them with the new year.  Replace them with their more chic cousin, the jumpsuit, or even its little sister, the romper for those warmer days.  They've both been growing in popularity the last couple of years and continue to shine bright in 2016.  Feeling nostalgic?  Embrace a jean jacket, crop top, or a choker for a 90's vibe.

Clean out those closets, let go of the past and keep moving forward!


Midsummer Manicure

     Hair and makeup trends this season look very natural, it only makes sense that the nails follow suit.  Super lengthy, acrylic tips are a thing of the past.  Embrace your natural nail and follow these tips to stay stylish this summer.

Shape it up!

    Trim those nails down and get your files ready!  Shorter nails with softened edges are all the rage this summer.  Rounded edges are flattering on most hands and can actually make the hands appear thinner.  A cross between a square and an oval, the "squoval" is the newest trending shape this season.  Round nails have also increased in popularity and maintain a conservative, natural look.  Although almond nails have declined more recently, they still have a strong presence in this season's trends.  To learn more about these shapes and how to achieve them, check out this link.

Shades of summer.

     As always, neons are appropriate and complimentary for the warm weather.  But even more popular this season are muted pastels, desert tones and mermaid blues.  Some hues may even fit all three descriptions such as Can't Find my Czechbook by OPI.  Desert tones include colors ranging from nudes to tangerines to yellow greens.

White out.

     All white nails is such a universal trend right now that it needed its own category.  White pops against tan skin almost as any bright color would, but still offers the wearer a neutral nail.  White fingers, toes and clothes will have you looking stylish and ready for any occasion this summer.  Try OPI's Alpine Snow for a full coverage white polish.

Negative space.

     Negative space nails are the latest trend in nail art..  This design leaves some portion of the nail uncovered with nail lacquer, or "naked".  This can be achieved in a variety of ways and the possibilities are endless ranging from bare half moon nails to a chevron manicure.  This look is striking when combined with the all white trend.  Search "negative space nails" on Pinterest for some inspiration.