April Showers

     Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers.  So for now we just have to tough out this spring weather and keep in mind that there is light after the storm.  In the meantime you can use a rainy day to water your growth for the upcoming summer season.  We've compiled a list of ideas that will allow you to make the most out of any rainy day. 

Waterproof your style.

     Extra moisture in the air can put a big damper on your locks.  Depending on your hair texture, your hair might fall limp or frizz up.  Use a rainy day as an opportunity to wear your favorite hat or try a cute up style.  You can find inspiration for your rainy day look here.

Put some spring in your step.

     Over the last couple of years rain boots have become more trendy and fashionable.  There's a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from different patterns and embellishments to different heights.  Because they've become so versatile it's easy to still look chic while being prepared for the weather.  Check out some fashion friendly ways to sport your rain boots.

Get sunkissed.

     A faux tan is a great way to add some sun to a dreary day.  This can be achieved in a healthy way with an at home self tanner like Tan In by Glymed Plus.  Tan In is a sunless tanner that allows you to customize the shade of your tan by reapplying for a deeper tint.  (To learn more about Tan In, look for the link to the Glymed Plus website on our product page.)  Although getting a spray tan at your local tanning salon is a safe alternative, it isn't the best idea  for a rainy day because the rain drops may leave you with a blotchy tan.

Unwind at the spa.

     Downpour is the perfect excuse for staying indoors and relaxing.  Visit your local day spa and allow an expert to treat you to a service.  Seasonal changes are the optimum time to get a facial to rejuvenate your skin and help it adjust to the weather,  Have a massage therapist rub you down with a lotion that is infused with lavender, a scent that relaxes the most tense of people.  The perfect ending to a spa day is a manicure and pedicure,  Polishing your nails is a great way to make yourself put together without leaving the comfort of your home, as well.  Browse through OPI's Hawaii collection for a shade that will get you excited about the warmer weather approaching.

     Even though it can be quite dreary, spring is a great transitional season that can get you motivated for summer.  These tips can leave you feeling positive and prepared.  So next time you see clouds gathering in the sky, take advantage of a day to give yourself a little extra care.  After all, every flower needs water to grow.