2016: Be the best version of you!

     New Year's Eve is right around the corner and as always, people are trying to come up with a resolution to carry them into 2016.  Many of our resolutions fizzle out mid-February, but if it makes you feel good about yourself you're more likely to keep up with it.  My theory is that in order to successfully carry out a resolution your resolution needs to boost your confidence.

Start fresh

     New year, new you, right?  A quick, easy way to switch things up is with a change in your hair.  In 2016, short and long hair is in, with no in between.  If you're looking to experiment but don't want to go as drastic as going short all over, bangs are a great option.  Texture is still very much relevant this year so choose a cut where you can embrace your natural texture and run with it.  For more information on projected hair trends for 2016 check out this article

 Healthy & Happy

     Instead of making a resolution to lose some pounds, try making one to be more healthy.  This can help you view food as a way to fuel your body instead of counting calories and eliminating carbs.  Make sure your body is getting the energy it needs from the products you consume and put that energy to good use by staying active.  Maybe sign up for a yoga class to ease your mind, body and soul.  Although you may not see results instantly, you will feel better just knowing that you are doing something positive and productive and that will encourage you to stay consistent.


     If you're not feeling your best, a trip to the spa or salon can take you a long way.  A manicure or pedicure will help you not only feel more relaxed, but also look put together.  I'm a firm believer in nail polish being a mandatory accessory for every outfit.  A facial can be a big help in getting rid of any blemishes or even just saturating your skin with antioxidants for a luminous glow.  If you're embracing being active you can use a massage as a way to reward yourself and soothe those aching muscles.  Browse through our services tab at the top of the screen for pricing and more detailed descriptions.

Trend watch

     Another way to get an instant confidence boost is to get some new clothing.  Stay ahead of the trends and get a few new staple pieces to mix in with your basics for a fresh feel.  Poufy, Victorian-esque sleeves were prominent on the runway  for Fashion Week, as well as bell sleeves.  The shoulder baring top is super trendy, and can be seen in a variety of styles ranging from halters to cutouts to off the shoulder.  For some inspiration check out this article.

This is your year to shine!