Out with the old, In with the new

     It's the start of a New Year, and as they say, "All things must come to an end."  Some trends just weren't meant to see the light of 2016.  Although we still like some of these trends and find them flattering, change is always good.  We're here to help you decide what to retire, what to upgrade and what to keep.

Contour No More

     2015 was the year of contouring.  Many makeup brands debuted their own matte contour kits.  However, along with a fresh year comes a fresh face and lighter foundations with some shimmer are encouraged.  This year makeup isn't about shaping your face,  it is about getting a natural, dewy look.  Still looking to make a statement?  No worries,  bold lips are sticking around for the new year and have maintained their popularity so get rid of those contour sticks and stock up on the lipsticks.

Peace Out, Pastels!

     Last year it was the norm to see a variety of hair colors ranging from gray to copper to bubble gum pink.  This year the natural shades are back and better than ever.  In 2015 "bronde," a combination of blonde and brown, made its debut and became a hit.  This year we are getting introduced to "ronze," a mixture of bronze brown and copper.  Try searching "ronze hair," "baby lights," or "balayage" in Pinterest for some hair inspiration.


     One trend that surprised many of us in 2015 with a comeback was overalls.  Short overalls, unbuckled overalls...whatever went!  Overalls should have been left in the 90s, the least that we can do at this point is bury them with the new year.  Replace them with their more chic cousin, the jumpsuit, or even its little sister, the romper for those warmer days.  They've both been growing in popularity the last couple of years and continue to shine bright in 2016.  Feeling nostalgic?  Embrace a jean jacket, crop top, or a choker for a 90's vibe.

Clean out those closets, let go of the past and keep moving forward!


2016: Be the best version of you!

     New Year's Eve is right around the corner and as always, people are trying to come up with a resolution to carry them into 2016.  Many of our resolutions fizzle out mid-February, but if it makes you feel good about yourself you're more likely to keep up with it.  My theory is that in order to successfully carry out a resolution your resolution needs to boost your confidence.

Start fresh

     New year, new you, right?  A quick, easy way to switch things up is with a change in your hair.  In 2016, short and long hair is in, with no in between.  If you're looking to experiment but don't want to go as drastic as going short all over, bangs are a great option.  Texture is still very much relevant this year so choose a cut where you can embrace your natural texture and run with it.  For more information on projected hair trends for 2016 check out this article

 Healthy & Happy

     Instead of making a resolution to lose some pounds, try making one to be more healthy.  This can help you view food as a way to fuel your body instead of counting calories and eliminating carbs.  Make sure your body is getting the energy it needs from the products you consume and put that energy to good use by staying active.  Maybe sign up for a yoga class to ease your mind, body and soul.  Although you may not see results instantly, you will feel better just knowing that you are doing something positive and productive and that will encourage you to stay consistent.


     If you're not feeling your best, a trip to the spa or salon can take you a long way.  A manicure or pedicure will help you not only feel more relaxed, but also look put together.  I'm a firm believer in nail polish being a mandatory accessory for every outfit.  A facial can be a big help in getting rid of any blemishes or even just saturating your skin with antioxidants for a luminous glow.  If you're embracing being active you can use a massage as a way to reward yourself and soothe those aching muscles.  Browse through our services tab at the top of the screen for pricing and more detailed descriptions.

Trend watch

     Another way to get an instant confidence boost is to get some new clothing.  Stay ahead of the trends and get a few new staple pieces to mix in with your basics for a fresh feel.  Poufy, Victorian-esque sleeves were prominent on the runway  for Fashion Week, as well as bell sleeves.  The shoulder baring top is super trendy, and can be seen in a variety of styles ranging from halters to cutouts to off the shoulder.  For some inspiration check out this article.

This is your year to shine!

Baby, it's cold outside

     When snow has decorated the ground and bright lights are hung we crave the comfort of warmth.  One can find warmth in the form of clothing, foods, or spirit.  Christmas time offers us many ways to satisfy that craving whether it be fashionably, feelgood or fireside. Tis the season!

Sugar & Spice

     Baking will not only get your home toasty, but will spread some holiday cheer to those who consume your goods.  Although it is surely a challenge to maintain a healthy diet during the holidays, you can find some sweet recipes that'll leave you guilt free.  A personal favorite of mine that is low calorie and adds festivity to any Christmas cookie platter is the corn flake wreath.  Check out that recipe here   In my family we just make one large wreath on our cookie platter and then place the other cookies in the middle of it.  You can also take a peek at this blog post for more healthy recipes.

Fur-ocious style

     Lucky for us, warm can be super trendy and stylish this season in the form of fur.  Fur is an eye catching material to add to your closet that is versatile in that it comes in many different pieces, hues and textures.  This winter we are seeing a lot of fur in the forms of vests, coats and stoles.  If you like the trend but are unsure how to make it your own check out this blog post for some faux fur inspiration.

Mad for plaid

     Another trend on everyone's radar this season is plaid.  No longer limited to flannel shirts, you'll find that you can dress this look up or down.  Whether your plaid piece be a scarf, dress or poncho, this look is great for layering.  All of those layers are sure to keep you warm and cozy.  It's great to keep in mind that it's okay to mix prints now too!  Search "plaid trends" on Pinterest to browse some different looks and products.

Sock it to em!

     Nothing is worse than cold feet in the winter!  To keep those gams and toes fashionably warm throw on a pair of knee high socks.  To some this trend may seem a bit risque, but when it's done right it can be super cute and make you look fashion forward.  It's all about balance, so make sure that the upper half of your body is conservative for a tasteful look.  Flip through this slideshow for some classy knee high inspiration.

Warm hug in a mug

     Hot chocolate warms you from the inside out.  To fight the chill this holiday season there are a variety of festive drinks that you can make no matter the occasion.  For those extra cold nights a splash of alcohol will take off the edge.  Try one of these recipes from the Food Network with or sans alcohol to warm your soul.

Eat, drink & be cozy this holiday season!

Fall Beauty Trends to Try

     Get your sweaters ready because the leaves are starting to turn and pumpkin spice lattes are back.  In addition to bonfires and apple orchard visits, the crisper season introduces us to fall's most sought after beauty trends.  Even though the brightness of the summer is gone, there's still a warmth to fall beauty.  Here are some staple looks that everyone must try this autumn.

Where's the fire?

     The smokey eye is back in various forms this season.  Don't feel like you're limited to the classic black and gray smokey eye.  Venture into browns, purples, or even metallic smokey eyes.  Metallic shadows are also trending this fall. Just be sure to keep your other makeup more neutral.  Nude lips are popular right now and pair amazingly with the smokey look.  For a smokey eye tutorial check out this video.

Do the twist

     The french twist is making a comeback this fall with a little extra edge.  While the classic look is still in style, there are many updated versions of this updo.  You can leave your ends out or add some curls to your hair to make the look your own.  Search "french twists 2015" on Pinterest for some out of the box looks and tutorials.

Bold brows

     We aren't all capable of growing brows to the likeness of Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins.  However, there are many tricks of the trade that can give you the illusion of fuller brows.  There are hundreds of products to fill in those brows, no matter whether you prefer powders, pencils or gels.  I've found that using a light hand and finding the right shade for you gives a more natural and less of a harsh, permanent marker look to your face.  Aveda's Invati Scalp Revitalizer  promotes hair growth.  Although it's meant for the scalp, we've experimented and applied the product to our brows and have successfully managed to get those patchy spots on our brows to come in full.  Consult with a professional esthetician to determine the best shape for your face and what is a realistic goal.

Vamp it up!

     Hands down, the hottest trend this season is dark lips.  If you haven't already tried it, give it a chance because it can be achieved in a variety of ways which makes it flattering on lots of different people.  Depending on your skin tone and personal preference, you could go for anything ranging from oxblood to burgundy to a deep berry.  Or, like myself,  you can enjoy all three!  The color featured in the photo above is called Blackberry from Aveda's Limited Edition Autumn 2015 collection.

Color me fall

     Typically, as the weather gets colder people dye their hair darker.  This season stylists are encouraging highlights and coloring techniques that'll brighten any dull, chilly day.  We will be seeing many rich tones ranging from coppers to browns.


     This combination of blonde and brunette has quickly become one of this season's most popular colors.  Usually the wearer has a base of a dark blonde or light brown color and then they add a layer of highlights.  Blake Lively went public with her bronde hair for a movie role this summer and is still rocking the look,  For more celeb inspiration and some tips on different ways to achieve this trend check out this article.


     Babylights are great for adding some brightness to the hair in a subtle, natural way.  They mimic a young child's hair with the sunkissed highlights around the face.  These highlights are great for maintenance because they are softer towards the root and grow out tastefully.  Browse Pinterest for some babylight boards to see some examples of this technique executed on different hair colors.

Stay rooty.

     Whether you're going for the bold root or just a soft grown out root look, both are great for the low maintenance type.  Aside from how easy they are to upkeep, they are also very in style this fall.  This trend is good for all hair colors, but is especially great for those who are naturally dark and prefer to be blonde.  This is also something to consider if you want to make your balayage from the summer last a little longer.  One of my favorite looks is a soft highlight with dark roots to make it pop.

Fire it up!

     Reds are making a major comeback this season. The leaves will be changing soon and turning to crisp reds and goldens which makes fall a great time of the year to add some warmth to your locks.  If your hair is naturally a medium to dark brown, auburn hues may be more flattering on you.  For blondes just adding a hint of red to make strawberry blonde or going full on copper can give you an exciting new hue.  Check out this slideshow to help you determine which shade of red would be most flattering on your skin type.